UYF Program Statement:

United Youth Football League (YFL) established its rules and operational procedures to ensure that every child who wishes to participate, regardless of size, financial means, race, creed or national origin, is included in a safe and fair environment where their best interests and education are put first. YFL Unlimited weight programs groups players by their grade/maturity level. Age based divisions are a proven system schools and private educational institutions have used for years. YFL Age and Weight Program groups players by age and weight levels, a standard used by many National Youth organizations.




Age (as of July 31st

Max Stripped Weight


5 , 6 , & 7 

   99 lbs 

Mitey Mites 

7 , 8, &  9 

 104 lbs 


7 - 8 - 9, 10 O/L 

 114 lbs,

 94 lbs

Jr. Pee Wee

8 - 9 - 10, 11 O/L 

 124 lbs 

  104 lbs  

Pee Wee

11 and Under, 12 O/L 

139 lbs 

 119 lbs  

Jr. Midget

12 and Under, 13 O/L 

 154 lbs

 134 lbs

**14 Under

14 and Under

       9th grade or lower

Pre-Game Weigh-In Must Be Conducted Prior To Each Game 

* Instructional Division ; instructional divisions can be configured to best fit your local area/participants, this chart is just a recommended guideline as this division is for the youngest entry level players and is intended for instruction only. 

** This level has an unlimited weight limit with age and grade restrictions